Children learn
little words in
many languages 

With their little horses

Introduce children to the fun of
learning languages.
First, their own. Then, the world.

Kids enjoy a delightful adventure with Piccoli Zoo. Children tap and swipe with their fingers, while they jump and move their whole bodies. The app is extremely intuitive and easy to use. (Parents, get an instruction guide just in case.) Language develops when children speak their words aloud and move their whole bodies. Piccoli Zoo app makes learning languages a fun adventure. Coming 11/11/2018, French!

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Listen and repeat

The listen-and-repeat approach promotes language learning by getting the child to speak words out loud. It's the natural way to talk.

Act it out

Designed to get the child's whole body playing. Children engage in physical activity, promoting language(s) to develop.

Let's play together

Parent and child can play together as a team, maximizing learning. Help children build their language skills. First home, then the world.