Piccoli Plush Horses

The perfect stuffed animal for ANY child of EVERY age.
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Horse + App = Awards

Proud winner of Top Fun, Brain Child, and Top Toy Awards!
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Trot to Talk!

Teaching children to talk,
one step at a time.
About Piccoli Horses

 Learning Apps

Learn to talk with a day of fun at the Zoo! Get Piccoli Zoo
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Piccoli Horses

Stunningly soft stuffed animals, loved by children around the globe.
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Plush Horses

Stunningly soft stuffed animals, loved by ALL.
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Piccoli Minis SOLD OUT!

6” Mini Horses are still available at select retailers across the US, including the following:

Horse and Pony Tack
Cabin Branch Tack Shop
Red Barn Equine Outfitters

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Together or Apart

Plush Horse with or without the
Learning App

All children of any age love our plush horses. Pre-school and Kindergarten children love our learning apps.
The HORSE + APP can go together, but they don't have to!

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Trot to Talk

Teaching children to speak, 
one step at a time.

Always FREE educational apps. Get Piccoli Zoo now!

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Awards +

Celebrating good news.
At bedtime I tuck my kids (ages 8 and 10) into bed with their horses.
A very loving routine!


Emily and Bobby's mom

What our customers say

Piccoli plush horses and apps are loved by children of all ages.
Our sons (ages 2 and 6) LOVE their horses. As parents, we appreciate how the app is fun, educational and grows with them! In just one day, our one year old improved his hand/eye coordination. Fabulous! 

The Taylor Family

My daughter, Jasmine (age 7), loves her horse, Rose. When I laid down after work and was feeling bad, Jasmine came to me and said, "Here Daddy, you can hold Rose.
She will help you feel better.”


Jasmine’s dad


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