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Children learn little words in different languages
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Perfect plush for children of any age
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Translate Piccoli

[Péek-oh-Lee] Adjective. Italian for little, small, young
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Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Meet Piccoli plush horse

I am a horse. I am your new best friend. I am there for you. I am not electronic, there’s nothing inside of me except love. Play with me in the mud—I love the washing machine. Everywhere you go, I’ll go too.
Together, we will have hours of fun playtime, enjoying this beautiful world.
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Meet Piccoli language apps

There are so many languages all around the world. So many fun words to learn! We begin with English and visit the zoo. You get to walk like a bear and slither like a snake. It’s extra fun when your mom, dad, grandmother or teacher plays with us. I am excited for you to learn little words in different languages!
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Play & Learn

1. Download App
2. Listen
3. Repeat word
4. Swipe drawing of horse
5. Celebrate
The Internet can be big. I do not want you to go out there on the worldwide web until you are older. But you can play Piccoli Zoo because you will say your words out loud. I like to hear your little voice. And you will not be sitting there like a bump on a log, forgetting all about me. You will hop, crawl, flap, jump, roar and do all kinds of fun things. You’ll get to see a drawing of me. It will remind you that I am sitting right here. Waiting for you. Now go play and have fun learning.

The Power of a
Transitional Object

Your mom and dad, even your grandma and grandpa all had one. That teddy bear, doll or blanket, the toy that went with them everywhere. Child development experts call these toys, which help children navigate new situations, transitional objects. They were simply their best friends. I want to be your best friend. I don’t want your best friend to be your cell phone. I you to learn what an amazing tool the internet is, but it’s not a friend.

There’s an app you can play and it was made to help you use your voice. To speak with words, not your thumbs. To play, by moving your whole body, not by playing a video game on the internet.

Why a horse?

We horses talk with our eyes and nose. I can even hear your heartbeat. We are very advanced communicators. We talk to each other with more of our senses than any mammal on this planet.
I know if you’re scared, then I need to be scared too. It’s how we’ve survived. There is power in a herd of us. We teach each other. We learn together. We horses protect and nurture each other. Together we are strong.

Do you just want me? Even if you are twenty-three, instead
of three, go ahead and buy me. I am a perfect snuggly friend,
no matter your age.

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Awards +

Celebrating happiness
Of all the apps on my phone, my daughter picks Piccoli Zoo every time. And I love that the horse has no electronic parts. It's like toys we had as kids. Perfect combination of old and new, past and present.


Emily and Drew's mom

What our customers say

Piccoli plush horses and apps are loved by children of all ages.
Our sons LOVE their horses. As parents, we appreciate how the app is fun, educational and grows with them! In just one day, our one year old improved his hand/eye coordination. Fabulous! 

The Taylor Family

My daughter, Jasmine, loves her horse, Rose. When I laid down after work and was feeling bad, Jasmine came to me and said, "Here Daddy, you can hold Rose.
She will help you feel better.”


Jasmine’s dad

What's my name?

In the world of horses, each of us has our own name. There is only one. To find out what it is, go online and enter the code written under my saddle. And then you can give me a nickname.
Horse Name Registry

Names are important

Just like people, we have a unique name. No other horse will have the same name. Want to know it? Go online, and enter the code under my saddle. You can call me by my official name or give me a nickname! 
My horse's name?
How to pronounce
Adjective Italian for little.