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Children learn little words in many languages
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Stunningly soft stuffed animals, loved by all ages
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Piccoli honored with awards for outstanding toy & app
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Horse Registry

Get a show name + give your horse a nickname
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Translate Piccoli

[Péek-oh-Lee] Adjective. Italian for little, small, young
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Horse & Learning App

Plush toy horse is non-electronic, but designed to pair with app
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Perfect gift for horse loving children of any age.
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Little path

Fun way to learn languages:

1. Download App
2. Listen & Repeat
3. Play
4. Celebrate

Speaking words out loud + playing, by moving the whole body, is how children learn languages. Piccoli learning app introduces children to words in a variety of languages, while the horse connects them to the here and now. The perfect combo.

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Learn Languages

Children learn little words.
First, English. Soon, more.
All with their little horses.

Piccoli Horses is growing, little by little.
First, English. Now, it's time for more.

Vote for your top three languages:
British English, French, Spanish, Hindustani, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Italian.

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Awards +

Celebrating happiness
Of all the apps on my phone, my daughter picks Piccoli Zoo every time. And I love that the horse has no electronic parts. It's like toys we had as kids. Perfect combination of old and new, past and present.


Emily and Drew's mom

What our customers say

Piccoli plush horses and apps are loved by children of all ages.
Our sons LOVE their horses. As parents, we appreciate how the app is fun, educational and grows with them! In just one day, our one year old improved his hand/eye coordination. Fabulous! 

The Taylor Family

My daughter, Jasmine, loves her horse, Rose. When I laid down after work and was feeling bad, Jasmine came to me and said, "Here Daddy, you can hold Rose.
She will help you feel better.”


Jasmine’s dad


Tell us about your Piccoli horse and you could win a $20 Visa gift card
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Piccoli Horse Registry

Piccoli gives your horse a show name and you decide its nickname
My horse's name?
How to pronounce
Adjective Italian for little.