Frequently Asked Questions

Piccoli™ Plush Horses

Got a question about our plush horses?

What do I get when order from the website?

One plush horse of your choice and one show name code to discover your horse's unique name. Plus, you have the option of a gift box.

How long does the shipping take?

We send all Classic and Racehorses by USPS Priority Mail, at no cost to you. Mini horses are sent USPS First Class Mail.

How do I return the horse?

We want you to be 100% happy with your horse. You can always ship the horse back to us at any time, for any reason. Contact us at and we will send you a free return label.
If the horse has been damaged by lots of love, we will repair it for free.
We are here for you!

Piccoli™ Zoo app

Have a question about our learning app?

How does the app work?

Piccoli Zoo app is very easy to use. There is an easy to follow guide for adults at the beginning of the app. Customer Care is available to answer questions by phone or email. 859-469-4343

Where can I get the app?

iTunes Store and GooglePlay have Piccoli Zoo available for FREE.

How was the app created?

Early childhood development teachers, parents and kids and other language experts helped create and test the very first version. Piccoli continues to update, improve and expand the language learning app.

About Piccoli Horses and
3 Simple Words LLC

Want to learn more about us?

Who owns Piccoli

Piccoli Horses is the DBA for 3 Simple Words LLC. Piccoli is a copyright and trademark of 3 Simple Words, LLC.

Who owns 3 Simple Words, LLC

Kimberly Rogers, CEO, 3 Simple Words LLC, owns 90% of the company. Her son's neurosurgeon owns 10%.

Do you sell my information or track me/my child?

No, but we do store credit card information for future purchases.